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WxnnerCollection, Founded by Amir Hinton in 2021, Is a design venture born out of Philadelphia, Balancing Luxury garments with a Streetwear vintage element, showcased as ready to wear collections.

Designed from a narrative standpoint WxnnerCollection is both a reflection of todays cultural fashion desires. Amir was born way of inner-city philly, and why dreams of playing professional basketball is top priority, he has achieved that goal of playing a short stint with the New York Knicks/WestChester, along with traveling the world currently being a professional athlete. 

Amir fashion desires stemmed from A influence of his mother,  surrounding peers, and traveling To many countries. Therefore he did not study Fashion on A institution level, but has spent many years studying the art of fashion within accomplished cooperations, to gain a better understanding of the art, why trying to connect each pieces with a story of becoming establish, and shooting for the highest limits.

WxnnerCollection Pushes you to achieve any and every goal in sight, not to give up as each day is a mission in its self, but to persevere through obstacles. Life is limitless and so is time, reach your truth and look good doing so with The WxnnerCollection family.